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Mashup! A book for some people

Posted by steve on 10/06/2013

I recently read Mashup! How to Use Your Multiple Skills to Give You an Edge, Make Money and Be Happier.  This is what I thought of it …

This is a book for some people.  People who are living on their wits.  People with plural talents who can turn their hand to many things.  Inquisitive people with a tendency to plough their own furrow.  Mashers.

The authors argue every business needs a masher.  Someone able to cut through the nonsense and figure out what’s required next.  Someone exploring and discovering the next big opportunity.  But it’s not easy being a masher; a blend of warrior and nomad say the authors (drawing on work of Terence Watts). It can be a lonely existence, and having know-how doesn’t automatically mean you can sell it.

This enjoyable book describes the virtues of a masher and contains excellent advice on how mashers should package up what they do to make it gettable.  Having read this book I now know I’m a masher, so it’s no surprise I got a lot from it.  “Those who adopt an agile mindset, who can do more than one thing and be adaptable and enterprising, stand the best chance of success.”  say the authors.  I couldn’t agree more.  Are you a masher?  If you are, suspect you may be, or work with mashers, read this book.


Don’t plan, punt

Posted by steve on 17/05/2013

John Kay put it very well in his excellent book, Obliquity: ‘problem solving relies on constant experimentation because human nature and general circumstances are constantly changing’.  So, is business planning a waste of time?  Is it better to just try stuff and see what works?… Read more…

Service business machine part 3 – the importance of predictability

Posted by steve on 10/04/2013

People running businesses often ask us how they can build a more profitable business so they can sell it for enough money to retire on.  Implicit in their question is: more profit equals a more valuable business.  To a point this equation works, but it’s… Read more…

Service business machine part 2 – turning income into profit

Posted by steve on 10/04/2013

When we start a business we often dream of milestones we’d like to reach.  It’s surprising how often those milestones are income figures.  How often have you heard “I want to be turning-over £1m in five years”? Whilst its tempting to bask in the glory… Read more…

Service business machine part 1 – turn at the same rate

Posted by steve on 10/04/2013

Building a valuable service business is much like assembling an engine.  Not a mass-produced engine on a production line, but a lovingly handcrafted engine, like you would find in a Formula 1 car.  Your service business converts know-how into value.  Assemble it correctly and get… Read more…


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